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Damion and I



July 31st, 2005

(no subject)

Damion and I
Matt Bauserman died...
I found out at the swimming regional state champs...
It sucks...
Jessie Friesen was his best friend and she was there... she didn't swim.
Last year he was in my English class and Latin IV...
We were hoping to be in the same AP English class and continue in Latin together...
He was a great guy... and a new-found friend.
He was a GREAT artist...
and he was teaching Tae Kwon Doe at the place in the Barnes and Nobles shopping center...
He was really good at it...
He could do the splits and everything...
We did a projects together...
My favorite was when we acted out a Latin translation... it was so much fun...
Stuff like how on Latin day, when I was sitting by myself he grabbed me and said, "what are you doing over here?" and dragged me over to his place..
He was really nice and sweet... and honest...
I know that no one is really paying attention... but I need this...
He was one of the things that I was looking forward to next year.
I am going to miss him so much.
I hate this... I hate death... I hope that there is something after this world for him... He believed in it so much...
I am too sensitive... I am not good with death... but I am apparently learning.
I just wish that I could have given him a hug goodbye or something...
Goodbye Matt... people really loved you... and you will not be forgotten.

June 24th, 2005

Bye Bye

Gorilla Bush
Well, went to Arkansas...
Re-read Sandry's book within the first hour and a half.
Then read Shadow of a Giant for the rest of the trip. I love Orson Scott Card. I love that series. I identify so much better with... books than reality. It is kind of sad. Anyways... I kept putting off reading the book, but I am glad that I did because this was the perfect opportunity to read it.
How is everything so different now? I don't understand.
I have changed... everything has changed.
I hope that everyone has a great time in college or wherever you are going.
And for those like me who have one more miserable year left... see you next year and maybe over the summer I guess.
I think that that is just about it.
::hugs and kisses::

March 16th, 2005

(no subject)

Damion and I
[name] Katie
[age] 16
[sex] Female
[dob] July 25th
[location] Ashland, VA
[siblings] Lucas and Will
[flirty] Nah...
[shoe size] 9
[hair color] Blonde
[first crush] Well... I think Patrick... Lewis (won't be doing that again)
[latest crush] Who do you think...
[color of your room] blue/ yellow
[righty or lefty] righty
[hobbies] art, soccer, basketball, swimming, tae kwon doe, reading, LANSHARK
[sign] Leo... no one is ever a leo


[cuddle or make out] cuddle
[chocolate milk, or hot chocolate] CHOCOLATE MILK!!!
[mcdonalds or burger king] BK
[coke or pepsi] Pepsi
[would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect lover] Best Friend... I don't want to spend the rest of my life with a good lay
[root beer, or dr pepper] dr. pepper
[tea/coffee/cappuccino] tea
[cats or dogs] cats
[mud or jello wrestling] jello
[milk, dark, or white chocolate] white and dark
[sunny or rainy] sunny
[winter, summer, fall, or spring] spring
[vanilla or chocolate] vanilla
[skiing or boarding] never done either
[biking or blading] If i could, I would blade
[cereal or toast] cereal
[do ya like rock, punk, rap, r and b, alternative, techno, pop, or country] just Rock... that encompases so much too
[bunk or water bed] ::shrugs:: waterbed would be fun
[lights on or off] on


[My friends]Ummmmmmmmm... you guys?
[Friends that you look like] I don't look like anyone
[You go to for advice] Ummmmmmm... no one?
[Who do you tell all your secrets to] Damion


[color] DARK BLUE
[number] 52!!!
[movie] All kinds... The Life of David Gale
[subject] Biotech... Latin... sometimes Graphic Arts
[song] Acoustic #10... and Iris... both by the Goo Goo Dolls
[sport to play] Soccr, Basketball, Swimming... Martial Arts
[sport to watch] None of that is fun... maybe basketball... and individual sports
[favorite drink] dr. pepper
[truth or dare] dare
[ocean or pool] ocean
[love or lust] love
[silver or gold] silver
[diamonds or pearls] diamonds
[sunset or sunrise] sunset... sunrise is TOO early
[showers or bubble baths] bubble baths


[do you like school] no... exept classes that I like
[do you like to talk on the phone] No
[do ya have your own phone line] No
[can we have your number] Too many to number... like... 5
[do you like to dance] not in front of people... Damion says I am good at it though ::wink::
[are you scared to ask out your crush] Not scared to talk, but I am scared to ask out.
[do you think cheering is a sport] No... join the gymnastic team


[Been kissed] yes
[Done drugs] Nope
[Eaten an entire box of Oreos] Nah
[Been on stage] unfortunately
[Dumped someone else] yes
[Gotten in a car accident] no
[Watched "Punky Brewster"] no
[Been in love] Yep


[Shampoo] What is cheapest
[Toothpaste] Cinnamin colgate
[soap] Dove
[Type of soup] broccli and chedder
[Room in your house] my bedroom
[Instrument] voice...


[Coffee or hot chocolate] h/c
[Big or little] big
[Lace or satin] satin
[New or old] old
[Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt] neither?
[Vogue or Material Girl] Don't care
[Jeans or cords] jeans
[Sweater or sweatshirt] hoodie
[T shirt or tank top] t shirt
[Skirt or dress] skirt
[Wool or cotton] cotton
[Rose or Lily] lily
[The way it is or the way it was] However it works out... i'll adapt
[Oldies or pop] oldies


[Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend] yes
[Do you have a best friend] him i guess


[cried] no
[Helped someone] ::shrugs::
[Bought something/if so what] Food
[Gotten sick] nopie dopie
[Gone to the movies] nope
[Gone out for dinner] well... subway
[Said "I love you"] yeah
[Written a real letter] nah
[Moved on] nope
[Talked to an ex] no
[Missed an ex] nope.
[Written in a journal] now
[Talked to someone you have a crush on] yes
[Had a serious talk] mmmmhmmmmmmm
[Missed someone] yeah
[Hugged someone] always
[Fought with your parents] no
[Fought with a friend] no
[Worn eye shadow] yeah
[Put on a "front"] i do that a lot
[Kiss on the first date] nope
[Have a crush on someone] this quiz has the word "crush" too many times
[Eat with your mouth open] if i knew i was doing it, i would stop


[If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would be] in my "area" ... a strawberry
[What color is your floor/carpet in your room] tan
[What was the last CD you bought] uhhhhhhhh... long ago... ozzy osbourne
[How did you spend last summer] work, swim, tkd, and... see damion
[When's the last time you showered] this morn

[If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would be] in my "area" ... a strawberry
[would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect lover] Best Friend... I don't want to spend the rest of my life with a good lay
[are you scared to ask out your crush] Not scared to talk, but I am scared to ask out.
[do you think cheering is a sport] No... join the gymnastic team
[Have a crush on someone] this quiz has the word "crush" too many times
[Eat with your mouth open] if i knew i was doing it, i would stop

Yep... there have a been a lot of breakups this week... i know of at least 3 long lasting relationships that ended this week... one being 2 years long... so... yeah... weird... IT IS A CONSIRACY!!!!

KK... night...

March 5th, 2005

(no subject)

Damion and I
I know that I have not updated for a while, but I really like it joke. Nothing is really happening. Damion and I have been officially dating for over a year. Yay. Ummmmmmm... my car is dead, so I am driving my mum's van. And... I am tired.
Here is the joke:

A man and a woman were having drinks when they got into an argument about who enjoyed sex more.
The man said, "Men obviously enjoy sex more than women. Why do you think we're so obsessed with getting laid?"
"That doesn't prove anything," the woman countered. "Think about this... When your ear itches and you put your little finger in it and wiggle it around, then pull it out, which feels better-your ear or your finger?

January 7th, 2005

(no subject)

Damion and I

Freaky pic that I made...

I had fun.


Freaky PicCollapse )

December 20th, 2004

(no subject)

Ok... wow...
Was waiting for my dad after behind the wheel...
I was listening to my music and walking down a hallway...
pass a guy and notice that he said something...
to make a slightly longer story shorter... he just said, "you wanna give me head?"
Yep, random dude who I have never seen before in my life asks me for a BJ.
After I say no because i had a boyfriend he said, "He will never know. I won't tell anyone."
I then informed him that my boyfriend is 6'2" and that I have been dating him for nearly a year(he was inching closer and it made me nervous)and after a moments pause he said "Just kidding."
Yeah... apparently tie dye shirts and baggy pants and wild hair give off a "slut" aura.
I am so proud and yet deathly sickened.
Damion still wants to know who is it so he can "beat his face in."
Yep... my adventure... g'night.

November 28th, 2004

(no subject)

Gorilla Bush
The only reason that I do not agree with religion...

A person does not have to think.They refer to their religion as the ultimate authority. One does not have to work through a moral issue. All they have to do is explain another person's ideas. It relieves humanity of its independence.
I am for the belief in a higher being even if I seem to be incapable of it, but religion gives you a set rules and it ensures that idiots can have a viable argument in a debate of intellectuals. An individual does not have decide what is wrong and what is right... at least not anymore. If only we were more free.
We are supposedly the most liberating country in the world, but our close ties with religion verge on theocracy. Each person makes his or her own decisions. Promiscuity, beliefs, and actions should all be permitted by the government until it infringes on the rights of others. People think that their children will be affected by these blatant freedoms, but if one raises their child correctly then it will not matter. A child must be exposed to the world before the age of eighteen and we must try for liberated thought in youth instead of a sense of conformity or non-conformity.
We are all rediculous.

Ok... done... that started as a persuasive essay for English, but it turned into a rant. So, I will have to write the real essay now.
Night everyone

November 13th, 2004

(no subject)

Damion and I
I just saw the movie Lord of the Flies.
Men are repulsive.
No offense to any I know, but how the hell do you guys end up ruling?
Man, so stupid... every single person that I liked in that movie either turned bad or died.
And these little kids are stoning children to death and spearing them to death and trying to set fire to them.
It is disgusting.
I mean how many evil women are there is history?
A few serial killers, ussually caused by mental disorders or to men forcing them, or women like Mary (Queen of Scotts) who want to be considered men as well, and that is about it.
I am repulsed...
Fucking hell, what is up with this brutality thing?
Lets all convert to Hinduism... or Buddhism. The whole "non-violence" thing is looking real appealing right now.
How did men get the power? Men go hunting and go to war and women stay home. Obviously certain decisions should be left AT HOME. Why did no one ever figure that out in history? BECAUSE MEN ARE TOO TERRITORIAL.
::growls:: I am sicked by humanity.
Ok, I am done with my rampage.
I just don't understand why the quote "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" has to be true. Why can't humanity NOT be bestial.
Ok, maybe I wasn't done... but I am done now.
I am tired and I am going to bed... I have a really bad cold. It sucks.

November 8th, 2004

(no subject)

Damion and I
Gramma is doing really well.
It is weird how these things go from "probably won't last the night" to living.
I thought that I would mention that one... just in case anyone was wondering.

I miss dip-shit.
It sucks ass.
This is all so hard.
I get to go to his house now, but we have Angie breathing down our necks.
I just want to get away.

I don't get to see anyone at school anymore.
It really does sucks ass.
No one is in my classes.
I am the girl in the corner again.
I miss you people.
::big hug::
(please excuse my telitubie reference)

Night peoples

November 3rd, 2004


>I had to work yesterday.
>I nearly threw up multiple times.
>Damion called, but Joey was on the phone with some idiot girl and even though I threw him on the ground and put my knee in his stomach he did not give me the phone. Since I could not call him back... I did not get to talk to him.
>Mom sent me to do groceries and told me to buy something that would make me feel better. I could not find anything.
>I went to TKD, hoping that my stomach was feeling permanently better, but I had to run out in the middle when I nearly hurled again.
>I got home and found out that dad was coming to talk to us.
>Gramma, who has leukemia and a rare, fatal kidney disease, fell and hit her head. She now she is suffering from bleeding on the brain. She had a seizure and now cannot speak coherently. She weighs less than 90 lbs. now.

It was on of the worst days. I don't want her to go. I feel sad because I wish that she had had a better life. She went through everyone in her family dying except her children. Her husband died and left her with 3 children who she had to raise on her own. I almost wish that I believed in heaven. It would make this much easier. I cannot imagine Christmas without her. Uncle Larry giving her shit and her just saying, "Boo on you Larry, boo, boo, boo." ::smiles:: She was the cutest thing. I am going to miss her. I love her. I hate death.

>and Bush won... God help us all

Alright... goodnight
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